Politicians & Musicians: Letter Writing with Gina Calanni

Join us for an entertaining night of letter writing to get out the vote in Texas with HD-132 Representative Gina Calanni and musician Shawnee Kilgore. Sponsored by Swing Left Austin, the Texas Democratic Party, and Blue Action Democrats BEFORE THE EVENT 1) Register to write letters through the Vote Forward platform. (It can take a day or two to get approved, so make sure you do this in advance!) 👉🏽votefwd.org/swingleft 2) Once you're approved to send letters, request to adopt voters under the Texas-targeted campaign (we recommend selecting 20 voters for the length of our event). 👉🏽votefwd.org/district/TXGOTV2020A 3) Print the letter templates out. If possible, have envelopes and stamps on hand, too. DURING THE EVENT 1) We'll meet Gina Calanni, State Representative for Texas's 132nd House District: https://www.ginacalanni.com/ 2) We'll enjoy a musical performance by Texan musician Shawnee Kilgore: https://www.shawneekilgore.com/ 3) We'll show you how to personalize your letters to voters so you can have the maximum impact! Vote Forward and Swing Left volunteers send heartfelt handwritten letters to low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy. The letters have been shown to significantly boost voter turnout. AFTER THE EVENT Store the letters in a safe place until it's time to mail them out in mid-October. You do not need to live in Texas to participate! If you are interested in flipping the balance of power in the Texas state house, ending Republican gerrymandering, and getting out the vote, then this event is for you.