What is the Songbird Society? What am I up to here?

I hit the 5 year mark last December of writing a brand new song every week! 
 It's been a delightful challenge, partly because procrastination + a deadline + a specific and often unusual prompt = zero time for censorship and a song that often would never have been written otherwise

This is an amazingly empowering, exciting and - to be honest - healing thing for me to be doing. I never know what's going to come out, but I have to trust it. I have to open myself up fully, to the muse and to the moment, and that's how I want to live my life, as an artist, as a human being. That's the only way I can really let this songbird go. It's the only way I can truly shine.

I am discovering myself as I go, and often with an element of pleasant surprise. Many of these songs would never make onto a record, because they're not the "hard-hitters" or they're a bit out of the ordinary. But if it's what I'm creating then it's as much my voice as anything - and its own little piece of the bigger symphony of my heart. 

I want to give you the chance to hear every song that I write, before the Big Bad Wolf convinces me they're no good and I shouldn't ever play them for anyone. This is my soft underbelly. These are the creations you may not ever hear on a stage or on a record. I want to share that with you.

The Songbird Society is a growing group of generous fans who are helping support me through some of the most exciting growth and changes my career has ever undergone.

The platform where the Songbird Society headquarters lives is called Patreon. It's like Kickstarter in that you get cool stuff in exchange for monetary support of an artist, but it's different because rather than one big fundraising campaign for a single project, Patreon is all about ongoing support for a lot of little projects. Basically, you get to directly support the artists you love for doing what they do best ~ making their unique and precious art. I love the way Carsie Blanton describes it: 

"I like the Patreon model because it values creative works (like songs and essays) over consumer products (like albums and books). This site is a good reminder that some of our best and most important work as humans can't be packaged and sold for a fixed price. To me, becoming a patron doesn't mean you're paying for each song, it means you're showing support for my lifelong project of being creative." 

I couldn't have said it better. (Or I would have.)

How can you support me?

You pledge to support me with enter any amount of whole dollars here for each new song I create and post (1 per week*) and you will get to stream every song, plus get some other cool bonus stuff, like old songs that I'm still a little bit proud of and maybe some that I'm not (the teenage punk years were glorious but a little terrifying), in depth stories behind songs that I don't usually share, and anything else I can think of as I think of it - or as you think of it! Let me know what awesome stuff I can provide to express my gratitude for your support

It's my Big Giant Dream - and has been this whole time - to make a living writing songs. I want to do more of what I love - and what you love - and less of what I don't love. I don't want the business part of my business to be my business. I want my business to be creating musicfor me and for you. 

These songs are yours as much as they are mine. Thank you so much for taking the time to see what the Songbird Society is all about. I'm humbled and honored to share my songs, and this journey, with you.