Rooftop terrace at the Sunset Tower Hotel!

Well, it was a pretty eventful week as far as weeks go for me! I spent a long weekend in LA with this gentleman, Joss Whedon, checking out studios at which to record our EP in January. It was stupid fun. I made it to the hotel with just enough time to dress myself proper and head back out to a party honoring Drew Goddard, who wrote the screen play for The Martian, on the rooftop terrace of the Sunset Tower Hotel on the strip. Whaaaaaaaaaat.  

AND (more importantly) through recommendations of good friends we found Ocean Studios in Burbank, of which I said to Joss after we left, "If we got to record there I would feel like a princess..." The space is beyond beautiful, really top notch, and I'm excited to work hard and bring my A game, which I must. Part of the beauty of life is a good challenge here and there. I'm in!