A Long and Precious Road is off to the press!!!


Wow, I finally made it!!! This record is aptly named.....this has been a Journey, with a capital J. I feel like I faced so much more of myself with this record than any other, and that was trying at times. I had a bigger vision for this one, a bigger vision for myself, and therefore everything really, really mattered. There was no half-assing, no "that's good enough" when it wasn't, no hurrying. And oh my god I wanted to hurry!!! To say I'm more proud of this record than any other I've done is, like, not even talking about the same thing. This record feels like the birth of my true self, the emerging of a light that I've kept hidden in the shadows, the surrender to a song that I will never stop singing. It's truth; it's my truth. And when all is said and done, that's what we have.

Thank you for your patience if you had it (and the keeping quiet of it if you didn't! :). This thing is finally real, and I think my good friend Ray Prim probably said it best: "Praise baby geezus!!!"

My praise and gratitude to every one of you. The long and precious road continues...