Well I'll be damned, I produced a record. 

Did that really happen? 

This was definitely one of those trips I knew would swirl around in a hazy daze as soon as it was over. The highest highs are the hardest to come down from and I've done my best upon my return from LA to be gentle and simply let myself take it easy and be really, really proud of what I've done. 

So here went the timeline: 

March 2014 - Joss Whedon backed my Kickstarter campaign for A Long and Precious Road 
April 2014 - Campaign ended and we began emailing about the personalized song I was to write for his reward 
A week later - song was in progress but a whole different set of spin off lyrics were inspired and sent my way 
A day later - Big Giant Me was born, and the decision to keep writing together was made 
August 2014 - Big Giant Me was released as a single from the now upcoming 6-song EP we planned to make 
Later that day - we had our first telephone conversation  
February 2015 - We met for the first time 
January 2016 - I flew to LA and we made a record

That's Sara Watkins in the top corner! Swooooooooooon!

You can see this was a long time coming! I was feeling so anxious for it to hurry up and happen already, but now I'm so incredibly grateful that it didn't. I'm much more ready than I would have been a year ago, and definitely feel that we're right on time.

In the studio Joss and I were an interesting mix. He clearly has a ton of experience directing people, but has never made a record. I have a lot of experience making records but had never been in such an active position of manning the ship. We did really well together. There were afternoons when he had to leave and it was all on me. The guys started calling me Boss, including him. I knew I was earning it, and it felt good. 

The true soul of the songs were all discovered, and uncovered, as we went and it was just magical. I started getting good at hearing my gut instinct and acting on it, reinforced by the fact that amazing things happened when I did. We still had one very unfinished song by the time our last day in the studio rolled around, and we managed to make it happen, making the final lyrical tweaks between takes in the sound booth.

I will soon be able to share video footage of this with you, which was such a tremendous blessing. My friend Chris Fuller did an amazing job capturing photographic moments, capturing us, and on that last day capturing our creative process as we went through it. All photos shown here are his.

Rooftop terrace at the Sunset Tower Hotel! 

Well, it was a pretty eventful week as far as weeks go for me! I spent a long weekend in LA with this gentleman, Joss Whedon, checking out studios at which to record our EP in January. It was stupid fun. I made it to the hotel with just enough time to dress myself proper and head back out to a party honoring Drew Goddard, who wrote the screen play for The Martian, on the rooftop terrace of the Sunset Tower Hotel on the strip. Whaaaaaaaaaat.  

AND (more importantly) through recommendations of good friends we found Ocean Studios in Burbank, of which I said to Joss after we left, "If we got to record there I would feel like a princess..." The space is beyond beautiful, really top notch, and I'm excited to work hard and bring my A game, which I must. Part of the beauty of life is a good challenge here and there. I'm in!

And then Joss Whedon shot me (with a camera) 

It was super fun having Joss here for a few days to work on our project! We got to do a podcast with the amazingly badass Elizabeth McQueen at KUTX which will be airing soon, and we even made an impromptu music video! Because why not. It's what he does, and it's what I do. It's a newer song of mine called Little America. Take a look

                                                   Photo by Joss Whedon

                                                   I was a harsh task master!!!

A Long and Precious Road available for pre-order! 

I'm soooooooo happy to announce that after a very Long and Precious Road indeed the new album is now available for pre-order!!! Get immediate downloads of three of the tracks and help build the buzz for the official release date, August 18th! I'm learning how this works, and all the pre-sales get tallied up and counted all at once as sales for the release week, which gets reported to the people who are in charge of The Charts and all that. Show them you're excited! I certainly am!

“One of the year’s finest albums. With a compelling voice at once uplifting and heartbreaking, delicate and wounded, and with melodies dextrous and irresistible, Kilgore has, in one bold move, established herself as an important presence in folk music. This is a gorgeously crafted work.”  ~Tom Buckley, Texas Music Magazine


The Kickstarter campaign was a huge success!!! My biggest heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped this dream record come true. If you missed the deadline but would still like to preorder, click on the Donate button and send $10 for a digital download, $25 for a signed cd, or check out the other exclusive goodies offered via the campaign!

This songbird is forever grateful! Thank you! 


Back to Eden

Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon

This is the long awaited collaboration EP of Shawnee Kilgore and Hollywood director Joss Whedon, who met via Kickstarter in 2014 when Whedon backed her campaign for A Long and Precious Road and earned himself a personalized song.

Big Giant Me was the first single they released that year, and Back to Eden the second in March 2016. The title track also inspired a gorgeous music video, directed by Whedon, including actress Ashley Johnson and Oscar nominated actor Richard Jenkins, released January 23rd.
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Take Me Home - Musical Fundraiser

The Backstage, 1302 S 1st, Austin

Our 2nd year of fundraising for Take Me Home - Advocates for Transport, providing transport for shelter dogs across the country from over filled Shelters to areas that are looking to adopt dogs.

The live auction is back by popular demand with incredible items/experiences you won’t want to miss!!

Our line up, so far features...

Flyin A’s Pat Byrne Shawnee Kilgore David Jimenez Beat Root Revival Sharon Bourbonnais Danny Britt Brooklyn Henson Dave Scher Christine Albert & Chris Gage Nick and Paige - from The Reverent Few Phil Hurley

With our house band, The Take Me Homers -
Ben Jones Jesse Harris Mark Epstein Kevin Hall

Suggested donation $20