The Songbird Society ~ Week 2! 

We have passed the first milestone goal! With flying colors and wings! Thank you!!!

The second weekly video of the Songbird Society has been posted, called My Heart Will Be. Society members got a download of it last Thursday, and tomorrow morning I will be posting another brand new song for download, called Drunk on June, which I let slip early to a friend and has already earned itself an interest in being covered as well as a middle finger from a rather legendary Austin songwriter. I know the feeling - it was quite the compliment!!! It's a fun one that I'm excited for you to hear! ;)

To join the Songbird Society and get a download of a brand new Shawnee Kilgore tune every week visit me at


Hear every single song that I write!! 

This is the coolest thing ever you guys! I have finally found a way to share way more of my creative output with you. I write a brand new song every week, did you know?? And now you have the chance to hear every single one of them - for better or worse! (Knock on wood but so far they've mostly been for the better!)

I made a video to explain how you can be in my super awesome Song a Week Club, and please visit my Patreon page as well to see what it's all about. As I write this we're already 1/3 of the way to my first milestone - and bonus reward for you! Life is so freaking cool :)

Folk Gals for Flood Relief! 

These amazing gals, Daisy and Ashley Monical, and I teamed up with Concert Window last night and raised almost $600 for flood relief in Wimberley, TX! I'm feeling so humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing support shown, for us and for the folks who suffered big time this week, losing homes and, for some, loved ones. 

For more information on how you can help please visit:  - or -

A Long and Precious Road is off to the press!!! 


Wow, I finally made it!!! This record is aptly named.....this has been a Journey, with a capital J. I feel like I faced so much more of myself with this record than any other, and that was trying at times. I had a bigger vision for this one, a bigger vision for myself, and therefore everything really, really mattered. There was no half-assing, no "that's good enough" when it wasn't, no hurrying. And oh my god I wanted to hurry!!! To say I'm more proud of this record than any other I've done is, like, not even talking about the same thing. This record feels like the birth of my true self, the emerging of a light that I've kept hidden in the shadows, the surrender to a song that I will never stop singing. It's truth; it's my truth. And when all is said and done, that's what we have.

Thank you for your patience if you had it (and the keeping quiet of it if you didn't! :). This thing is finally real, and I think my good friend Ray Prim probably said it best: "Praise baby geezus!!!"

My praise and gratitude to every one of you. The long and precious road continues...



Download A Long and Precious Road's first single, My Devil Says to Me, for FREE!


Hear the first single, Big Giant Me, from the upcoming EP by Joss Whedon and Shawnee Kilgore!


A Long and Precious Road is off to the press! This gorgeous painting by Thais Perkins is part of the album art that I love so very much. Stay tuned for updates!